Getting around

Found your way into The Hague and booked your accommodation? Now it’s time to explore the city! There are many ways to get around in The Hague and it’s surroundings. But if you wanna get the proper Dutch experience, you go by bike! If you would like to explore more of the cities in The Netherlands, we advice taking the train or just drive your car.

Move like the Dutch, book your bike
Go Dutch and rent your bike now! It’s the easiest way to get around from the race area to your accommodation. It’s also the perfect transport for a day into the city and even to just get around the harbour. At Du Nord bikes in Scheveningen it’s possible to pre-book your bike specially for competitors and shore crew of the Offshore Sailing Worlds. Check out the website and make sure you get your hands on one of those bikes!

Public transport
The Hague has an excellent public transport service. To be able to travel by public transport in The Hague you will need an OV-chipcard with sufficient credit on it for your journey. An anonymous OV-chipcard for public transport can be purchased at railway station ticket machines and at stores including Albert Heijn, Bruna and Primera. You can top up your OV-chipcard at the HTM service points in both The Hague Central and The Hague Hollands Spoor (HS) station. And if don’t have an OV-chipkaart? You can buy a day card for one day’s unlimited travel on HTM transport at the Tourist Information Office (the ‘VVV’) in The Hague.

Getting around the Netherlands
To het around the country you can choose to travel by train or by car. When you’re travelling by train, you’l need an OV-chipcard. Check the section above (Public Transport) for more information about public transport in the Netherlands. The train timetable can be found on this website.

Traveling by car?
Would you like to explore some more of the Netherlands? Travelling by car is a quick and easy way to get around, a lot of sights in the country are just one to two hours drive from The Hague. More information about driving in the Netherlands can be found here.

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