Getting there

The Hague lies along an 11 kilometer stretch of beach on the West Coast of the Netherlands and is easy to reach by boat, plane, train or car.

By water
The Port of The Hague is situated directly to the open North Sea and is easy to reach from the north, south and west.

By air
Rotterdam-The Hague Airport is less than 30 kilometers away. This airport offers frequent and easy connections with the main European Airports. From this airport the venue can be reached in 30 minutes by car and 60 minutes by public transport.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is approximately 40 kilometers from The Hague and is one of the 5 largest airline hubs in Europe. With a connection to 150 European airports and over 100 intercontinental destinations. From this airport the venue can be reached in 45 minutes by car and 60 minutes by public transport.

Public Transport
If you’re planning to travel by Public Transport to the venue, then first get on a train to The Hague Central Station. From here there is an excellent Public Transport System with direct connections by tram and bus which brings you close to the venue. It’s about 15 minutes from The Hague Central Station.

By road
The Hague is directly connected to an extensive road network with highways from the north, east and south. Ones you’re in the city, you’ll find plenty of car parks.  There is little parking at the Race Village, we advice you to get your stuff done by car at the boat, and find a parking spot in the city later. From here it’s the easiest to get around by bike.
More information about parking in and around Scheveningen will follow soon.

Check this website for all information about getting into The Hague and Scheveningen.

The location of the venue is at Scheveningen Haven. Use the map below to find your way there: