Wanted / offeredBoat nameNameEmailPhoneExperience & position(s) on board:
Crew wantedUnknown Lady2David Ward Ward[email protected]17735318037When looking for excellent you can leave no stone unturned. UL2 is a competitive program that does buoy racing, as well as distance racing. Therefore we are looking to augment our current crew with dedicated, dependable, experienced racers. We will consider any position as we like to make sure that we can always head to the starting line fully crewed. So if you are planning on coming to the midwest United States (perhaps to study or to work) please contact me. I think you will enjoy our boat and our crew.
Crew offeredJanneke Brouwer[email protected]+3162477522606-01-2018 - 28-02-2018 Crewmember on sloop Taya (12 meter) for Alan Cresswell. Sailed in 50 days from Opua (New Zealand) to Valdivia (Chile). Storm owith gales up to 56 knots and waves of 12 meter. We used the Jordan series drogue. Alan tought me how to sail Taya on my own in the first two weeks. I took reefs on my own in the middle of the night. 01-11-2017 - 24-12-2017 Crewmember on Californian Kiwi during races in The Bay Of Islands / Opua. I'm 65 kg and 173 cm.
Crew wantedAugustin
Crew offeredG. Alby[email protected]+31 6 34822650I'm 1.83 x 95 Kg from Rotterdam. 35 plus years of sailing/racing experience. From cat A class to Volvo 60, passing through IOR Mumm 36 IMS... and TP52. Extensive racing experience, both around marks and offshore, mostly in the Mediterranean and UK. I'm easy going, like to work together, and capable to fit in. Many trophies under the belt and ORC Worlds 2017 winner in Italy.
Crew offeredAda Osinska[email protected]Tactitian, mainsail trimmer, helmsman. 36kg. .Yachtmaster, sailing instructor, sailmaker and designer. Over 30 years sailing experience. f.ex.: Silver in Worlds 2017 X-35 OD, Silver in European ORC 2017 class A. Silver in Classic Fyn Rundt 2018 overall.... ect...
Crew offeredEwout Bezembinder[email protected]+31633160632Jib/Spinnaker trim/Pit/Mast 1.84m 80kg 22 years old. My second year on big boats. Sailed mostly on J/109 and started this year in Team Heiner Talents '18. Also if you need last minute crew I can be within 1.5/2 hours in Scheveningen/The Hague.
Crew offeredRik Kuijpers[email protected]+31653837324I'm 48 years old, 88 kg, fit & experienced regatta sailor who would like to compete in this championship. Available for many positions onboard, team player.
Crew offeredMarleen Neirinckx[email protected]+32/477521168Pitwoman💪🏻 54kg, 1,70m Offshore-experience from VO70 Sanya
Crew offeredWouter Stiphout[email protected]+31611758755I'm a 23 years old, fit Laser sailor of 82 kg with racing experience in the Maxfun 25 at all positions and two offshore trips on a Swan 45 and an X-40 of 200 and 120 NM and a couple of inshore days on the north sea regatta and local waters with quick sail changes. The fact that i'm a Laser sailor makes me tactically good, constantly willing to be fine-tuning the boat to the max, and physically strong. Next to that I can quickly adapt myself to a new boat, if I know the tasks per crew member, I'll know how to do my job. Finally, I'm a physics student at the university of Delft, specialized in weather simulation. Therefore, if you have a really last minute crew shortage, you can call me and I CAN BE IN THE HAGUE IN ABOUT 2 HOURS ON THE SAME DAY!
Crew offeredMartin Henken[email protected]0031 - 6 4864 3770RYA-dayskipper, ISAF-OPST, KNWV-Licence, Experience in dingy racing (WC-RS-Feva), No experience in offshore racing. I'm almost 17 years old, live in Rotterdam and I'm available on short notice and bring my own gear.
Crew offeredMaike Muth[email protected]+61414455704I am a german girl usually living in Australia but in Europe for 6 weeks in July/August and keen to do some sailing. Would be great to find a crew for this event! Usual positions: Pit, Mid-Bow, Bow Recent experience: Wellbourne 50 "Yeah Baby", Position: Pit or mid-bow, 2018 Sydney to Noumea Race 2nd overall and IRC, 2017 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race 4th Div2 IRC, 2017 Australian IRC Championships JV 42 "Elena Nova", Position: Pit, 2018 State Championships Super 12 W/L racing, 2016 IRC Nationals Hamilton Island Race Week 1st ORCI, 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart 3rd Div2 ORCI Farr 40: Position: Pit/Sewer, 2016/2017 "Zen" Full OD Season, State and National Championships, 2017/2018 "Double Black", "Outlaw" OD Regattas and NSW State Championships Beneteau 34.7: Bow, Club Racing 2017/2018
Crew offeredThomas Roggekamp[email protected]+31 (0)6 81781206Mainsail/ Mastman/ Tactician 1,74 m 67 kg 21 years I am a Dutch sailor. This is my first year in big boats. Therefore I joined the Team Heiner Talents '18. I have experience on j109 and ker46. Before this I sailed Optimst, Splash and Laser. I'm enthousiastic and keen to learn. If you can use an enthousiastic sailor for the worlds, please contact me!
Crew offeredMarleen Neirinckx[email protected]+32/477521168Pit
Crew offeredTim Barclay[email protected]+447973319648I'm 84kg, 196cm. I've a long (40+years) and wide experience of racing from dinghies (Int Moth, Int 14,) and in keelboats as an owner (Mumm30, X-332, and SB20) racing both nationally in the UK and Interntionally in a number of regattas and competitions. I also have experience and as crew/helm in a wide range of other boats. Generally my optimum position is Helm/Tactics/Navs, Pit and Mast , but happy and able in most positions. Recent successes this season include J cup Class winner and IRC sussex Championships class and overall winner. I'm easy-going, calm and able to communicate/fit in with most crew set-ups and really comfortable working with others. Best thing is, I like focussing on making boats go fast! I'm available as the boat I was booked in to sail with has withdrawn due to owner's family commitments. I have sailed at Schevenigen before and have some knowledge of the waters/tides/weather in the area. Though I'm presently in the UK, I can easily get to the regatta for the event.
Crew wantedHang LooseMagnus Ekbom[email protected]+6585718170Bowman/mast - please get in touch!
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