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Fun for friends and family on the water!

While the sailors are out on the water, competing for the World title, as a spectator you stay ashore. Waiting for the sailors to finish their day and share all their stories with you. Wouldn’t it be great if you can join them on the water and be part of those stories? RIB Actie Scheveningen offers the unique opportunity to watch the competition out on the water!

You’re not only watching your sailing friends in the competition, you also enjoy the action of the RIB Powerboat. Get to know the difficulties of the seawater with its wind, tide and waves. Elements the sailors have to deal with every day during this World Championship. The salty water will literally fly over! But don’t worry, RIB Action will provide sailing gear and a life-vest so you will stay warm, dry and save.

Do you want to get on the RIB during the Worlds? Send an email to info@rib-actie.nl for more information and to reserve a seat. Make sure you use the code “Worlds2018” in the subject of your mail so we can make sure you are on the right boat.

More information on their website (website in Dutch)

Foto: Dick Teske