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Great start for the Offshore Sailing Worlds 2018 in The Hague

Tuesday September 12th, 2017 the entry of the Offshore Sailing Worlds 2018 opened. In the pre registration their were already a lot of enthusiastic international top sailing teams. The animo has never been so big for a top sailing championship, within two weeks the entry is half full. It promises to be a beautiful international field where 15 countries have already committed themselves.

It’s a unique start, The Hague and their partners can be proud on the number of entries so far. A world championship with the best 150 sailing teams from all over the world will challenge each other in exciting races. It’s going to be an unique event; for the first time the 2 leading handicap systems IRC & ORC have joined forces, efforts and knowledge into 1 combined World Championship Offshore Sailing.

For the locals
The Hague wants to position their harbor as the offshore sailing harbor from Western Europe. With a lot of big sailing events planned for 2018, the Offshore Sailing Worlds will also be a great local event. With many local accents like the Race Village, a sailors parade, the historic sailing car from Simon Stevin and a nice cooperation with local entrepreneurs in and around Scheveningen. This way it’s an event for the sailors and locals, organized by the locals.

It’s going to be a great event for everyone from 12 to 20 July 2018. The place to be for partners, visitors and locals, for the sailors it’s going to be a championship with great memories that will put a permanent smile on their face.