The Offshore Sailing Worlds take place from 12 to 20 July. Within these dates we have registration and measurement, an test event, the offshore races and inshore races. Besides the sailing there is a whole program for visitors in the harbor. Read more about all of this on this page and in the media handbook.

To use the media centre, press ribs and be presented at special press moments, you have to have an accreditation. To get this accreditation please email to: [email protected]. More information about accreditation and press moments can be found in the Media Handbook.

If you are looking for contacts of the teams, sailors or organization for interviews. Please contact [email protected], they can provide you with all the contact details.

It’s not possible to enter the event area with your car or van. In the vicinity of the area in Scheveningen, parking is limited. To prevent fines and towing of incorrectly parked vehicles please be aware that emergency services require an open passage to the venue. More information about parking and alternative parking place can be found in the Media Handbook.

The full sailing program as the program for side events can be found in the Media Handbook. You can also find all the information about the program on this page.

Download the Media Handbook here

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