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Offshore Sailing Worlds 2018 held in the Netherlands

At the World Sailing Conference in Barcelona, The Hague is chosen as the city for the Offshore Sailing Worlds 2018. This means we will see worlds best 1300 sailors racing each other in front of the coastline of Scheveningen. The council of The Hague is really happy the Worlds are appointed to them.

In the summer of 2018 we will see 150 teams racing for the world title. In sailing boats from 10 to 16 meter, the teams try to sail the fastest and show the best performance on the water. We can expect some high tech racing, a part the Dutch are particularly good in. “The Hague is an unique city at the sea, it’s also the city of sport at sea.

We would like to show this city to the world with appealing sailing events. We also encourage the locals to watch the unique sports in our city, such as sailing, and maybe even drag them in, to participate”, says Rabin Baldewsingh, Alderman of Sports in the city of The Hague. The organization expects around 40.000 visitors during the event.

They want to accommodate them with facilities to watch the races and let them be part of the races. Marcel Schuttelaar, Chairman of the organizing committee and Jachtclub Scheveningen: “With the local horeca and retail in the harbor, we hope to create a hostile environment for locals, visitors, sailors and shore crew.

There will be a sailors parade with the best offshore sailors worldwide. But we will also promote the culture of The Hague so all visitors can discover the city.” The organizing team started working together in 2014. The team exist of specialists from the Jachtclub Scheveningen, the Dutch ORC class organization (Noordzee Club) and the Royal Dutch Watersport Federation, supported by the council of The Hague.

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