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Registration for the Offshore Sailing Worlds is open!

Tuesday, September 19th 2017 – The World Championships will be held from 12 to 20 July 2018. It’s the first ever combined ORC and IRC championship, an innovative solution to unite the world’s two largest offshore racing fleets. Be part of this unique fleet and register now for this historic event.

The challenging waters of The Hague will be the host for the best 150 offshore racing crews in the world. For over a week a combination of offshore and inshore racing will challenge these boats and their teams to determine who are the best. Over the years, Dutch racing teams have enjoyed the hospitality of previous World Championship organising countries. Attending these events around the globe, the Dutch owe it to the offshore sailing community to invite them to the low lands to experience the hospitality and treasure called ‘The North Sea’. With it’s tricky currents, offshore winds and waves, this treasure is truly a challenge for these teams.

ORC & IRC have joined forces
Offshore racing is performed on different types of yachts between 9 and 20 meters in length. Everything is measured for a handicap rating: the crew, the sails, the boat above and below the waterline. Using these measurements, clever hi-tech models, which are refined year on year, give each racing yacht its unique rating to help equalise the competition among unlike boats. In 2018 it will be even more exciting: the 2 leading rating systems ORC & IRC have joined forces, efforts and knowledge into 1 combined World Championship for Offshore Sailing.

Discover The Hague
Discover The Hague, where the harbour will be the center of the Worlds. The surrounding event grounds will complement the Race Village in addition to the city’s existing lively streets and boulevards offering a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops. The city of The Hague will be all about sailing. Sailors, shore crews, spectators, family and friends are invited to taste and discover all The Hague has to offer in Dutch hospitality.