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Registration North Sea Regatta is open

Why not practice your skills on the same water as the Offshore Sailing World Championship? Register for the North Sea Regatta, and use this event as your test event for the Worlds.

Why is the North Sea Regatta the perfect practice event?
With 2 offshore races and three days of inshore racing, you learn the North Sea and her tidal moods, the marina, the vicinity, the people, and everything else you can. With this preparation you’re always one step ahead of your fellow competitors.

The annual sailing event North Sea Regatta starts with  two well-known offshore races:

  • 8 May – Vuurschepenrace from Scheveningen (The Hague) to Harwich (130NM).
  • 12 May – RORC North Sea race subsequently  takes us back to Scheveningen (210NM)
  • 18-20 May – with 3 days of inshore racing off the coast of Scheveningen, the North Sea Regatta ends.

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